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Making dreams come true The Swedish ship-owner Mikael Krafft has succeeded in reviving the era of the clipper-ships with his 4-masted Star Flyer and Star Clipper and has crowned it with the 5-masted Royal Clipper. These tall ships are both traditional in spirit and modern in comfort, safety and performance – the ultimate dream-ships.

The Andaman Sea Ko Miang, Ko Similan, Langkawi – the very names of the islands off Thailand and Malaysia promise the mysterious enchantment of exotic worlds. Strange-looking rock formations rear up from the intensely-hued waters of the Andaman Sea. The Star Flyer glides soundlessly through the seascape, the dream of every adventurous traveller.

The Caribbean Past the tropical vistas of evergreen volcanic islands, the Star Clipper and the majestic Royal Clipper glide through the breathtaking world of the Caribbean. A world of contrasts, a melting-pot of Indian, African and European cultures. The great sailing-ships anchor in remote, secluded bays, or off bustling ports that invite you to plunge into the rhythmic Caribbean lifestyle.

Classic Yacht Regatta Crewing on a tall ship, a windjammer, in a regatta, is a magnificent experience, which was originally reserved only for professional sailors and sea-cadets. On board the four-masted barquentine Star Clipper the passengers have the chance to help tend the ropes when beating to windward. “Let’s get under way – all hands on deck. Hoist the sails, aft the braces!”

The Mediterranean Sailing under splendid canvas, in the wake of the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, the Crusaders and the Venetians, is the best way to experience the mythology of the Aegean, or the Balearic Islands, or the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This dream comes true on the Mediterranean cruises of the Star Clipper’s windjammer fleet.

Sailaway Wolfgang Limmer describes his voyage on board the Royal Clipper, the Queen of the Seas. He guides you through the history of the famous clipper-ships – the greyhounds of the sea. The last of the giants! The ships of the “P” Line! Racing the wind! The boundless fascination of the sea!

160 pages persistent in color
202 color photos
Words by Wolfgang Limmer
Translated by Angus Mc Geoch
Size: 29 x 31 cm
ISBN: 3-937630-05-8

Price: € 25.00

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