Michael Friedel
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are the remains of a sunken continent; with their romantic, deserted beaches and unique plant and animal life, they are a verdant tropical paradise. In this cluster of islands set in the Indian Ocean, so richly blessed by nature, Michael Friedel has been taking photographs for more than twenty years. The granite isles of the Seychelles are a geological wonder of the world, impressively documented in his pictures. The travel journalist Marion Friedel describes the unique features of the archipelago in detail and without false sentimentality. The book is rounded off with travel tips that take us to a beautiful and unspoilt world. Read this book for information - or just for daydreams.

96 pages persistent in color, approx. 100 color photos,
paperback laminated
Text: Marion Friedel
Size: 21,8 x 27,5
ISBN: 3-929 489-05-8 (en)

Price: € 24.90

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- german
- french
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