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Full-page illustrations of the loveliest beaches, islands and atolls provide the perfect source of information for holiday planning.
Marion Friedel's essay will help you to get more from your holiday by understanding the people and their culture.
Notes on illustrations giving precise locations. Information section with key 'insider' tips and seasonal weather statistics.
Maps showing the atolls, resort islands and airports. Aerial photos of the main hotel complexes.
'Hints and tips from a pro', in Michael Friedel's photo workshop.

96 pages persistent in color, approx. 100 color photos,
paperback laminated
Text: Marion Friedel
Size: 21,8 x 27,5
ISBN: 3-929 489-32-5 (en)

Price: € 24.90

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Available in:
- german
- french
- english
- japanese
- italian

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