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The most beautiful beaches, Mayan temples and landscapes, full-page illustrations perfect for planning your holiday.
Travel with understanding and enrich your experience by reading about the inhabitants, their history and culture, in an essay by Marion Friedel.
Notes on the photographs give their precise locations, and there is a 2-page information section with inside tips, including the best times of year for your visit.
Maps of the area showing where photos were taken. Aerial shots of the major hotel complexes.
'Hints and tips from a pro', in Michael Friedel's photo workshop.

96 pages persistent in color, approx. 100 color photos,
paperback laminated
Text: Marion Friedel
Size: 21,8 x 27,5
ISBN: 3-929489-41-4 (en)

Price: € 24.90

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Available in:
- spanish
- german
- french
- english
- italian

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